GLS provides data and counterparty intelligence to help asset managers stay on top of their counterparty relationships and make the right investment and financing decisions, both pre- and post-trade. Among other benefits, our solutions improve the decision-making process, protect revenue, provide clarity and valuable intelligence to critical data, help reduce financing costs, and mitigate the financial and operational overhead associated with multi-counterparty relationships.​​

  • Data and Counterparty Intelligence

    Optimize your counterparty relationships, analyze your financing costs, and make more informed financing and investment decisions by using actionable data and powerful analytics delivered through rich interactive views, automated reporting, and data feeds that can be used to drive internal and third party applications within your firm.

  • Borrow Locate Consolidation and Tracking

    Optimize your short sale and trade allocation processes and obtain best execution on your stock borrows by using a single interface to track and compare your borrow availability, pricing, and locate reference codes across all your prime brokers. Real-time and historical locate data can be accessed through interactive views as well as data access APIs for easy integration with your trading platform and/or other systems.​

Key Benefits

  • Optimize your balances and financing across multiple counterparties.
  • Capture hidden opportunities for cost-reduction and alpha generation.
  • Make more informed financing and investment decisions.
  • Attain a high degree of transparency and meet fiduciary best execution requirements with regards to financing costs.
  • Track stock loan rate moves across your counterparties and project the impact on performance.
  • Determine true P&L by allocating realized and projected financing costs to individual positions.
  • Optimize your short sale and trade allocation processes using a single interface to manage your locates across multiple prime brokers.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Open access to all the data for use by internal or third party applications.

Data Security

The security of your data is of highest importance to us. Although we provide our solutions through a managed platform, the data resides in your own environment and can only be accessed by designated personnel.

About GLS

GLS provides pre- and post-trade data intelligence and analytics to help asset managers effectively and efficiently manage their financing transactions across multiple counterparties. GLS gained industry recognition as a niche, equity finance focused solution provider evolving from the collaboration of highly regarded sell-side industry professionals and several much respected hedge funds. Continuing on this path, and as we are now expanding to other areas beyond equity finance, many of the incremental enhancements to our solutions are driven by our clients, based on their actual business needs and their continual flow of ideas and suggestions. With a strong focus on customer-driven product development, data security and white glove customer service, GLS has built a solid client base exceeding 130B in aggregate AUM. Today, our solutions are relied upon by some of the worlds most sophisticated and successful hedge funds and are increasingly playing a vital role in their normal everyday operations.​​


GLS seeks talented individuals whose motivation and skills will ensure that we continue to provide our clients with highly innovative solutions and best-of-class services. As our employees’ professional development is one of our most important priorities, we have created a rewarding work environment that provides stimulating career opportunities and cutting-edge learning and development resources.

Our relationship is based on professional development and constant communication to promote your progress. You will work in a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment, and you will be a part of a team that helps you build the skills necessary to position you to meet your goals.

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